New Year, Better You

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New Year, Better You! 
I'm not sure if it's just me, but I really hate the saying, "New Year, New Me". It just makes no sense to me. Every year we go through situations and experiences that build and shape our character, our actions and choices literally define who we are. At the start of a new year shouldn't we be reflecting on our past years and learning from our mistakes and past actions then growing and bettering ourselves? Each year we don't just wipe the slate clean from our past, but more we use that to fuel and shape our future.
I'm deciding this year that I am starting 2019 off by saying, "New Year, Better Me". Each year instead of a resolution, like go to the gym more, I try to set more meaningful goals for myself. Last year was a year for rebuilding - I really took a lot of time out to focus on building myself. I focused a lot on self love and self worth. I definitely ended 2018 with a deeper understanding and appreciation for who I am and I am so proud of myself for who I have become.
This year lets all put our energy into GROWTH! Another year older, another year wiser, and another year to finally make our dreams come true. It is time for us to put everything we have into this life of ours and feed our souls. Grow as people, grow more passionate as lovers, grow our visions and in turn - our net worths! 
Time is not on our side. Every day we let pass is another opportunity that we are letting slip away. Start today! Start now! Curate a circle of people so tight and positive that nothing can destroy it. We are leaving all the bullshit in 2018, people! 
Day 22 of 365 - What are you going to accomplish this year?


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